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Mental Stimulation

Mental stimulation is vital for a Happy Dog

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A lot of time and dedication spent with your dog is key to building the bond you need with your dog

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In order to activate the behaviors you desire from your dog you must work/train your dog.

Happy Dog Canine Training

We are a family owned and operated company that takes pride in what we do. This isn’t work for us because it’s a lifestyle. The two major differences between us and other companies is that this isn’t all about the money for us. It’s all about the love and passion for dogs and helping people. We will not just take your money and hurry up and train your dog and hope the best for you. We want to build long-term relationships with our clients and always be aware of their journey with their dogs and always give our support. The second difference is we will actually work with aggressive and reactive dogs and deliver real results! We know that every dog has their own personality, so we offer balanced training solutions for each dog. We like to learn who each of the dogs we work with really is so we can turn them into well-behaved, socialized, and Happy Dogs.

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How We Can Help

Board and Train Programs

We have 5 different board and train programs to fit anyone's needs. Deposits are required to book a board and train. Learn More

One on One Training

We have 4 different one on one packages to fit anyone's needs. Silver package, Gold package, Platinum package, Bronze Package and Diamond Package. Learn More

Remote Training Programs

Jade comes to you for 2 full days and nights. Deposits are required to book a remote training program. Learn More


This entire process is all about us transferring knowledge directly to the owners. The long term success from private lessons solely depends on the owners willingness to learn, apply, and stay consistent. Every client that chooses our private lessons will have constant support from us. We want constant updates throughout this entire process and after it to see the progress.


With our board and training programs, your dog becomes a member of our family and household. Our board and train dogs will get a ton of socialization, desensitization, obedience, house manners, and love. Your dog will be around other dogs, kids, and cats (if not allergic). Your dog will learn the 8 basic commands, which are;

Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Place, Come, Leave it, and Break. Your dog will be going to multiple parks, stores, and adventures in our board and train programs.

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We Help You Gain Peace of Mind

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We understand how valuable your money and time is. We take pride in our work, and we are going to deliver real results and give you massive value for your money.

We are always going to lead you in the right direction with what would be the best option for you and your dog.

Using any of our programs, you will receive constant communication throughout the entire process and afterward. We love to see the progress through the journey.

We are a family business, and this is our passion. It isn’t all about the money for us. We love helping dogs and people.

Taking Care of Your Pets Is Easy As 1-2-3

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Building a bond with your dog is one of the most important things to get the most out of training.

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Building a bond and training your dog takes a lot of time invested with each other. You must be willing to put the time it takes to get the results you desire.

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Love is universal and dogs know when they are loved. You must genuinely love your dog to get the results you want.

Don’t Just Believe Us!

Hear what our pet parents have to say

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Frequently Asked Question

These are questions that we constantly hear from people.

DO NOT get your dog wet once he gets sprayed by a skunk. It will make it even worse. Our favorite product has been natures miracle skunk odor remover. The smell doesn’t go away immediately after you use any product for skunk odor. Unfortunately, you will need to give it time to wear it completely off.

Unless you are getting your dog spayed or neutered to prevent pregnancy, in my opinion, I would say don’t do it. Dogs greet each other by sniffing, and they do that and can tell if they are female or male. When they are spayed or neutered, a dog cannot identify. Also, if you get your dog spayed or neutered, please wait until they are completely done growing so they are fully developed. Each breed is different in how long they will grow, so you will need to do your research.

Constantly take your dog out, and as soon as your dog squats to pee or poop, you immediately use your marker and put treats in your dog’s face while they are doing their business for reinforcement. If the dog uses the bathroom inside, you use your marker for bad behaviors, then reinforcement.

A marker can be a clicker, Good boy, Good girl, Yes!, No, etc… You must always remember to use a marker for good behaviors and one for bad behaviors, then reinforcement. A marker is how you communicate to your dog, whether it’s doing the right thing or the wrong thing.

You get a long line which is usually 20ft long. You have treats and use your marker. Allow the dog to get distracted and give a gentle pop on the leash, and the dog will come to you. You then use the marker and treat. Timing of the marker and the reward is critical for the dog to pick up on what you’re asking of it.

Socializing your dog is simply taking your dog out of the home and the normal walking path. Allow your dog to experience life outside your home and a normal walking path. This doesn’t mean you need to allow everyone to pet your dog.

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